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Oct 25, 2012 4:00am EDT
since from cnbc los angeles. >>> meanwhile facebook shares have posted their biggest daily gain since the ipo in may after it managed to allay fears over its ability to perhaps make money from advertising smartphones and tablets through posting a better growth in segment with mobile ads counting for 14% of it total advertising revenue. and one company that promises to boost ad sales is loop mean media. it says its format which enables consumers to have a dedicated advertising inbox will make the ads more transparent and shaerable. coe joins me now onset. just explain this, this inbox, dedicated inbox that you can click on. >> we founded it to improve customer experience. the problem we've seen over the last acceseven years is more an more aggressive app format so the whole screen is taken up and even banner display adds are put close to navigational features. so what we've introduced is a small and unintrusive tab or button for those smaller groups of customers that are actually interested in spending five minutes to download some brand experiences. they're brought into an inbox exper
Oct 19, 2012 4:00am EDT
note saying google is uniquely positioned to take advantage of that shift to mobile. from cnbc in los angeles, i'm julia boorstin. >> you you can see samsung electronics down 2.6%. other tech majors also all down. >>> microsoft's frosts also fell 22% missing forecasts. it deferred revenue from windows 8 which launches next friday. microsoft also felt the impact of the general slump in pc sales and of course europe's economic woes weighed on results. shed buildiding 1.3%. and one analyst says the jury is still out on the latest microsoft software and that will be at 5:45 a.m. eastern time. chipotle's third quarter profits rose 30% as it opened new stores, but results missed forecasts. same store sales came in shy of expectations. the company says the impact of the summer drought is already hitting food costs and it may consider raising menu prices. shares down 13% after hours. >> we've had four days of gains so far for european stocks. just weighted on on the down side this morning around about 6:3. ibex down around 0.8%. but keep our eyes on yields. they continued to decline during th
Oct 24, 2012 4:00am EDT
and zinger. facebook did beat analysts forecasts by a penny. here is a report from los angeles. >> facebook reported better than expected results, earnings per share of 12 cents, a penny more than projected. the stock soared on this news, up over 10% after hours, because of two key factors. facebook advertising revenue is accelerating again, growing 36% from a year ago, compared to just 28% growth in the second quarter. and mobile advertising is working, growing from zero earlier this year to 14% to facebook's ad revenue. it's over $150 million in the quarter. mark zuckerberg put mobile front and center saying he wants to dispel the myth that facebook can't make money on mobile and that facebook will monetize better on mobile than it does on the desk top, noting that people who use facebook on mobile devices engage with those apps more often and that those ads are more effective. the company also said that average revenue per user increased 4% as the average cost per ad increased 7% globally. chief operating officer sheryl sandberg said that new targeting tools are working well. as for new
Oct 26, 2012 4:00am EDT
just over a tenth of 1%. ron grover of the los angeles bureau chief at reuters joins us. ron, thanks for joining us. let's kick off with e padipads. how disappointing is that? >> quite disappointing. they thought it was hair big hot product. they sold 14 million. that's not a small amount. the street was expects 15, 16. that's a big problem. >> is there any sense that people were thinking ipad mini is coming out, we might not buy an ipad or not? is there any impact from the mini? >> you're exactly correct. there is plenty of impact. consumers were expecting the smaller one, slightly more inexpensive than the previous one may have held back. apple certainly hopes that they will change course and buy it. the mini goes on sale november 2nd. pretty soon they'll know i guess. >> and of course we know with the ipad mini, one of the issues was the price of it. are we getting more indications here with these numbers that costs are becoming a bigger problem? >> well, yeah. for the first time, they are starting to talk about costs becoming a pretty good sized problem. a falling profit margin,
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4